Regaining back the trust of your friend…


Trust is the most important aspect in friendship. When you have broken a trust in a friendship, fear not! Here are some advices that may help you regain the trust your friend.

The basic thing that you must do first is acknowledging the problem. Do not drag the problem as the longer you drag it, the harder it get to repair the relationship with your friend. Also, do not hope the situation would resolve itself because it would not. Be brave and face it.

Admitting your role in causing the breach of trust is next. Acknowledging the problem and admitting that you caused it is a whole other thing. Muster up the courage, admit that you are the cause of this. Do not let ego and pride get the better of you.

Thirdly, we need to apologise for our mistakes. Say it face to face or you can write a card to express yourself.

Fourthly, offer to make amends. Amend the situation by taking corrective action to repair any damage that has been done. Plan step by step how you would amend your mistakes. By amending your mistakes, do it through your actions and not only by words because actions speak louder than words. Vow that you would not break trusts again.

Fifthly, do not ever break a trust anymore. If you do it again, you might do an irreparable damage.

Lastly, be patient. Give them space and time. It’s normal that it’s a slow and painful process. Your patience will finally determine how important you treat this friendship in your life.

You can’t control the outcome of this process and there is no guarantee that following these steps will restore trust in the relationship. However, the important thing is that you have made the effort to restore this friendship. Do have a clear conscience that you’ve done everything under your power to cultivate the soil for trust to once again grow and flourish. Still, look on the positive side of everything!

Done by: Daphne Tui


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