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Facing Differing Opinions? KEEP CALM & READ HERE!

Are you quarrelling with your friend because of differing opinions? Here are some advices to you! In a friendship, it is inevitable to have no conflicts or quarrels with your friend. Both parties will have differing opinions because everyone has different thinking depending on their own experience and believe. When you and your friend are quarrelling, just cool down because when people are angry, they tend to say nasty words to hurt one another unknowingly. This may cause a friendship to fail due to lack of communication. Instead of wanting your friend to accept your own opinions, you can try to understand their views first. In the end you may find out that her opinion is more acceptable than yours. Who knows? Giving in to each other will improve the situation and at the same time, let both parties feel respected. Regardless of what reasons that caused you and your friend to quarrel, never be afraid to take the initiative to apologise. Even though it might not be your fault, putting down your pride to apologise will make the other party feel appreciated. Wells, if she/he is a friend you want to stay with for your whole life, why waste time quarrelling? We do not know what will happen the next day or even the next moment. So we should always treasure whatever we have and not take them for granted. 


Are you at lost after your friends betrayed you? Chill and continue reading. :)


Betrayal means that you unconsciously formed a revenge on those around you for everything you have not had in the past. It refers to breaking of trust in a friendship which can take a long time to heal. Even if it healed, it will leave a deep emotional scar and leaved us changed forever.

Now, you must be wondering why your friends betray you. It occurs when..

1)Your friend can feel that something is not going well between the two of you.(Unstable friendship)

 2)Your friend is sick and tired of you. It could also be that your friend do not know how to put a full-stop to this friendship. Hence betraying you.

The reasons why your friend betray you may be due to the following reasons…

1) Broken promises.

2) Not keeping a secret.

3) You are not there for your friends when they needed you.

4) Your friends were not able to feel your love or support from you.

You must be thinking “Why did betrayal happened to you?”

–> It happened to us because we were all dealing with our own



         -Ego needs

         – Reactions


Because of these, we failed to realise that we failed our part as a friend. We accidentally neglected our friends due to all these problems.

How do we know if we are a victim of betrayal?

•Firstly, notice the level of care that is directed to us. If our friends stops caring about us when we are not feeling well or when we encountered some difficulties in our homework, we will start to sense that this friendship is not going as well as before.
•Secondly, our friends will treat us coldly and starts to distant away from us. They will start neglecting us and in the end even stopped talking to us.
Then how do we prevent ourselves from being betrayed by our friends?
•Listen to water cooler gossip. If a friend who is known to be a liar is not to be trusted. The friend who is a liar can cause us endless troubles and headaches in this friendship. He/She can lie that we are the worst friend ever or we are not sensible or trustworthy enough. Worst still if he lied that we backstabbed or spread rumours about other people. If we listen closely without reacting, we might be able to catch the liar before he/she has a chance to betray us.
Betrayal hurts. I know… So how do we heal from that?
    -Forgiveness does not mean avoiding the problem or letting others off the hook. It is actually to free ourselves from the anger, resentment and bitterness.
•Move on and let go
   -Accept what has happened. It is not condoning what happened but accepting it without blaming anyone. However, it requires a lot of effort, time and commitment. Once you grasp the concept of letting go, you will find it a lot easier to recover.
•Do not resort to alcohol or drug consumption.
•Do not keep thinking of all the memories you had with your friends unless you are sure that this friendship is over.
•Do not immediately find a friend and replace the old one. This is call ‘rebound’ and it does not work out.
-Amanda Ho